About Us

Hi! My name is Tatyana Brandenburger. I am a piano instructor and the owner of  Fire Lake Piano Studio. Our Studio is beautifully situated on the scenic Lower Fire Lake in North Eagle River.

With more than 30 years of experience in teaching classical piano, I provide award-winning instruction to my students and nurture their unique approaches to music. I am motivated by my love of music and the passion to transfer my knowledge and skills to others.

I was born with a deep love for classical ballet and dancing in general.  This  childhood's fascination  naturaly led me to studying music, the very soul of dance. Piano was my first and ultimate choice. I began to play piano  at the age of 7 

I spent 8 years in a music school in Novosibirsk, Russia. In addition to piano my studies there included music theory, solfeggio, history of music, ensemble and choir. After I finished my studies there, my family moved to Magadan, and I entered the College of Music and Arts there. 

I received my Diploma in Piano Performance, Piano Instruction, Accompaniment and Chamber Ensemble after 4 years in college.

I moved to Alaska in 1995, and with time it began to feel, that I finally arrived to a place where I belong. Here I continue my studies of classical piano repertoire. I regularly perform new and old favorite pieces at my students  recitals, which usually happens at the end of each semester at least twice a year. I also very much enjoy playing piano duets with my colleagues and students.

I built Fire Lake Piano Studio gradually. When I started my teaching career in Alaska, I had only a small group of kids from the church, who were eager to learn to play piano. Now we have many wonderful and talented students of different ages, who come to our studio from Palmer, Wasilla, Anchorage and, of course, Eagle River. Classical methods and techniques that I apply in my work, keep my students well equipped and ready to explore different musical styles including pop, rock or Broadway musicals. But classical music is our first love. 

After finishing high school and entering colleges or Universities, many of my students continue to practice piano and develop their musicianship in ways such as playing solo, or in ensembles with other instrumentalists.  Some of them choose music as  their career and now teach music in schools or work as music editors. One of my very talented students has finished a special training to become a professional piano technician. 

My students have been participants and 2nd Place Prize winners of the prestigious MTNA Alaska State Piano Competition. Senior Division.


My Background


I have been playing piano for over 30 years, both professionally and recreationally. I am a certified piano instructor, and I've been teaching  for 30 plus years.

Sharing my Passion


I am a strong believer, that everyone should be able to have music in their life. Whether you're a just a beginner or an advanced student needing guidance, let's explore music together

My Classes


I offer  private lessons, separated by skill level. If you're unsure about which level is appropriate for you, I also offer placement tests!